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      About us
      Established in 2006,with occupation area of about 70,000 m2,The Tianjin Well-Vision furniture co., ltd is one of the most professional modern furniture manufacturer

      in shengfang town,Bazhou city ,china,employees of about 500.Major products include dining table,dining chair and coffee table.
      For over ten years,Our constant revolutions have resulted from a unique combination of an enterprising spirit,world class R&D and unsurpassed manufacturing

      capabilities.Today we offer independent distributors the largest selection of premium quality furniture.
      Tianjin Well-Vision furniture co.,ltd is commitment to produce excellent and consistent products is evidenced by our ISO9001 and BSCI certification.Our devotion to

      our customers is absolute-customer satisfaction.This is our most important mission.And we do everything we do with our customers in mind.
      Thanks for the supports from all our partners,Tianjin Well-Vision furniture would like to provide our top class quality furniture and excellent service to all the customers

      and friends from all over the world.